Welcome to front porch living. We’re so happy you decided to join us.

Before our adventure begins, let us tell you a little bit about what you’ll need to prepare for move-in. We all know reading is best when done on your favorite hammock under the sun. So, get comfortable.

And if you have any questions, send us an email. We promise it won’t end up in a folder never to be seen or heard from again.


If you haven't already marked your calendar, grab a pen (or tell Siri) to take note. Move-in begins at 1:00pm on August 9, 2019. When you arrive at Woodlands of Gainesville for move-in, please follow the signs to check-in and pick up the keys to your new home.

If you want to avoid late charges (and who doesn’t?), you'll want to make sure that your first installment is paid by August 1, 2019. Late charges will apply unless we have received the first installment payment by August 3, 2019. Checks or money orders should be made payable to Woodlands of Gainesville and can be mailed or brought directly to our office.

You can also pay online through the resident portal using a debit card, credit card or electronic checking transfer, or by automatic recurring charge to your debit card, credit card or bank account. There are no convenience fees when paying from your bank account or with a check.


We know paperwork isn't anyone's idea of a good time, but if you haven't done so already, please submit your guarantor form. We'll need to approve this before you're able to move-in. Alternately, you will be required to prepay the final two installments in advance in order to move in, as described in your Housing Agreement.


Please also note that there is a monthly administrative fee of $4.50 to maintain your electricity and water billing, as provided in your Housing Agreement. This amount will be billed with your regular installments. Our billing provider, Conservice, will e-mail statements for electricity and water billing directly to each resident, but all payments must be submitted to us using one of the payment methods outlined above.


It’s probably not something you normally think about, but you are required to have at least $100,000 of liability insurance in order to move in, and throughout your stay with us.  This insurance doesn’t cost much, and is designed to protect you if you accidentally cause a fire or flood.  As unlikely as that sounds, if something happens, you’ll be very glad to have it.  There’s also an option to add insurance for your personal belongings.  We’ve made it super easy to buy the required insurance here.  If you already have this type of insurance, please submit your insurance certificate.


Happiness is spending all day by the pool and the evening by the fire. So why waste time waiting in line?

To get on the fast track for check-in, click here for your resident portal link and register online. From here, you'll want to make sure you can answer yes to each of the questions below.

  • Did you make your first installment payment?
  • Did you enter your vehicle information (if applicable)?
  • Did you verify that you have provided us proof of renter's liability insurance?
  • Did you sign any pending documents?

If you answered yes to all of the above, you're one step closer to your next adventure. When you get here, we'll just need you to sign for your key. Besides that, all you need to bring with you is a valid photo ID (and an appetite, we'll have snacks waiting for you).


What you take with you matters. To show you how glad we are that you'll be here, we've put together a master packing list for you. Quite simply, you'll find everything you need. And nothing you don't.

Living room

  • Lamps
  • Decorations
  • Window covering


  • Lamps
  • Bedding – beds are full XL
  • Towels and additional linens
  • Laundry basket
  • Alarm clock (or maybe just your phone)
  • Ethernet cable (for plug-in devices – your residence has WiFi)
  • Trash bin


  • Cookware and dishes (pots, pans, glasses, silverware)
  • Cooking utensils (tongs, spatulas, etc.)
  • Trash bin and garbage bags

Those things you need, but you're really not sure what category they fall in (we get it…)

  • Shower curtain(s)
  • Bathroom rug(s)
  • Plunger, toilet brush
  • Broom
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Trash bin for bathroom(s)

You'll want to spend some time getting familiar with the Community Policies. You can find these online here. And if you want a hard copy, we won't judge you. We might even high-five you. And if our policies are the only thing you read all day, then job well done!